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creating perfect working models of your exact working environment

What is 3D Scanning?

3D laser technology allows transparent visualization to-scale model of what is being constructed longbefore the work begins. The laser scanning technology has the capacity to capture as-built conditions for local or remote areas, giving you an exact representation of your working environment. With these precise scans and overlaying ability we can ensure that everyone involved can easily see

structures, objects, or natural features that can impact your project and plot an alternate course in the design phase long before the impacts are ever felt in the field construction.

Laser scanning captures in-depth data that generates a digital 3D environment. This is called a point cloud, and it is created from multiple scans of your project site. Once the point cloud data is consolidated, we can extract traditional deliverables like isometrics and structural drawings. The scanned data is visual, intuitive, and instantly useful. This data is then dimensioned and used to prepare CAD drawings and models.

With the introduction of this technology alongside construction we are able to drastically reduce the total project lifecycle and prioritize information and work packages for construction to begin.


Reduce Construction Cost and Time

Maximize Communication Between Construction and Design Disciplines

Operations Involvement in the Project Planning Process

Enhance Project Design Review Process

Minimize Downtime

Maximize Shop Fabrications

Increase Accuracy of Project Costing Process

Simplifies Management Approval


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